Mission Statement


The ADSA was established in 2009 on the foundations laid down by the Australian Dental Students Convention Committee (ADSCC). The mission of the ADSCC was to bridge the divide between dental students across Australia and this has not changed. The ADSCC hosted its last convention (ADSC) in Perth, and at its conclusion, the ADSA was launched.

The mission of ADSA remains the same as the ADSCC; it's only through communication, collaboration and “Standing Together” that we will have a coherent national voice. We are the national student body for dental students in Australia and any student at any one of the dental schools across the country can become members of ADSA.

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The Australian Dental Students' Association is an organisation that:

  • Networks and increases camaraderie among dental students
  • Facilitates communication and co-operation amongst dental student associations
  • Advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students
  • Promotes involvement in organised dentistry and provides services, information and education for professional development
  • Identifies and promotes changes in dental education, registration and other policy by liaising with relevant organisations involved in these areas
  • Increases public standing of dental students among external individuals and organisations
  • Organises Australian Dental Students' Conventions

ADSA also releases a quarterly newsletter, Articulate, and is available for advice and support to any dental student of dental student body in Australia.


  • Enhance student engagement and presence at universities by increasing positive publicity for ADSA and improving accessibility through media and local channels.
  • Engage in fostering student wellbeing through the bolstering of community support networks and activities
  • Provide for extended educational outcomes and the professional development of students within the dental, oral health and wider fields.
  • Reinforce internal communications and strengthen ties between the national association and each local dental and oral health school's student society.
  • Continue to advocate for students through the promotion of mutual partnerships and discussions.
  • Relate and apply student feedback to advance the reach and benefit of the association towards students' needs.
  • Broaden and boost stakeholder participation.


The day to day running of the ADSA is based within the confines of the ADSA constitution.

The most recent copy of the ADSA constitution may be found here:

2018 Constitution of Australian Dental Students Association- Amended as of 06.07.2018


ADSA will make your voice heard!

The ADSA advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students by advocating on behalf of the associations 3,500 dentistry and oral health therapy students. The President leads ADSA's policy development process in consultation with the Liaison officers from each Dental Student Society and from feedback from students and key stakeholders. These policies are then adopted by ADSAs executive committee and used in campaigns, media statements and in relevant meetings.

We work with organisations with similar goals to advance ADSA's advocacy such as:

Do you have a particular issue that you want heard? Get in touch with your University Representative or contact us.