Charles Sturt University

About Us:

Student Dental Association (SDA) is the representative organization of dental students at Charles Sturt University. Our mission is to create an environment that enriches students’ academic and social experience. 

Throughout the school year, SDA organizes multiple events ranging from formal balls, sports events to mentoring programs. Our members have the opportunity to explore and develop different aspects of themselves while branching out further into the dental community and establishing their role as a well-informed and proactive dentist. 

Annual membership fee: $25


Instagram: sdacsu

Facebook: CSU Dental Student Association

List of events:

  1. First Impression / Trivia Event: Establishing mentor-mentee system between first-year students and students from the years above. 


  1. Guest speakers at Future Nights (advice for 4th and 5th year students), from Dental Protection and professional financial advising firms.



  1. Dent Revue - Each year cohort comes up with a video of their own ideas and competes for the best video awards.    



  1. Dent Ball - A fancy ball with an interesting theme every year 


  1. Sports events (Crown cup - between CSU year cohorts, Roland Bryant Cup RBC - CSU vs Usyd, Med vs Dent): A wide range of sports from frisbee to basketball, students form groups to train in their free time and compete at these competitions yearly.