James Cook University

The James Cook University Dental Students Association (JCUDSA) is the student-led body representing dentistry students at JCU. JCUDSA aims to provide opportunities for dental students to connect with each other, whilst also being a point of contact for students who have questions, concerns, or simply want advice. This year, JCUDSA have implemented a clinic advice session once a week to allow 3rd years to ask 4th years questions regarding clinic and seeing patients for the first time, or to just have a chat! Social events such as O-week, dent ball, bake sales and sports days are all organised by JCUDSA, and are immensely popular among all students especially 1st years. Throughout the year, JCUDSA also organises ‘loupes nights’ to allow students to try on loupes from various brands and gain more information on the different brands available.

For students who are interested, JCUDSA offers a gold membership status where they receive discounts on merchandise such as hoodies and jumpers, and tickets to events like dent ball. JCUDSA is also a great committee for dentistry students from Years 1-5 who are interested in developing their leadership skills to join the committee.