The University of Sydney

The Sydney University Dental Association (SUDA) was established in the 1920's, making it one of the longest standing student associations of The University of Sydney. SUDA has always been a not-for-profit organization, representing students studying both Dentistry and Oral Health Therapy.

SUDA works to support the academic and social lives of its members, while building a sense of community within the School of Dentistry, the University of Sydney, and the dental profession. We try to ensure that our students graduate not only as competent dental professionals, but informed, connected, reliable, and compassionate members of the community. 

Some examples of how we foster internal team-building, provide social and sporting outlets for our members, strengthen academic knowledge, and build relationships within our SUDA network and beyond:

  • Social: SUDA Cruise, DMD2 Halfway Ball, DMD4 Graduation Ball, Iftar Night

  • Academic/Professional: Careers Evenings, Loupes and Products Showcases, Guest Speakers, Specialists Nights, CPD Talks, DMD1/2 Mentoring Program, Careers Nights

  • Sports: Roland Bryant Cup with Charles Sturt University, Juniors vs Seniors Sporting competitions, USyd Med vs Dent Rugby

  • Community: Women in Dentistry Brunch, DMD1/2 camping trip, SUDA Merch, Spreading Smiles Outreach Program

The student body consists of all enrolled students in the School of Dentistry and includes approximately 370 students studying a Bachelor of Dentistry or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, and approximately 90 students studying a Bachelor of Oral Health degree. As a University of Sydney DMD or BOH student, you automatically become a SUDA member – congratulations and welcome!

The study of the oral health clinical sciences in any capacity is challenging. Our members strive for the highest quality of academic and clinical performance to achieve the high results expected of them by the university and the community they are treating. The University of Sydney student body provides a large bulk of the treatment in the public oral health sector at Westmead Hospital, as well as providing treatment at Sydney Dental Hospital and many rural dental centres around NSW.

To find out more and to get involved, click on the icons below to take you to our FB and Instagram pages and website. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Facebook: Sydney University Dental Association – SUDA

Instagram: @usyddent