The University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle Oral Health Society

The University of Newcastle Oral Health Society is a student-led initiative that aims to create a memorable university experience, and give students opportunities to establish relationships with dental professionals nationwide as well as with their classmates and tutors. 

In 2024, UNOHS is offering a range of events that allow students to grow professionally and personally. We already have half of the incoming cohort be a part of UNOHS at our Orientation Welcome Week through incentivising them with freebies as well as the chance to win a pair of our clinical scrubs when purchasing the full membership. 

Our next few events will be an Orientation Afternoon Tea that welcomes all students across the three cohorts. There will be light refreshments and room for everyone to mingle amongst each other and chat, a great way for friendships and professional relationships to flourish. 

Our highly anticipated Loupes Expo is what draws a lot of our members to UNOHS. Being able to connect with Loupes experts from national and international companies means that we are providing students with the opportunity to find loupes that best suits their needs. This will be held near mid-semester. 

We have also created cohort-based chats and FB groups to keep everyone connected. The most successful aspect of this initiative is having the first years’ questions being answered almost immediately by UNOHS committee members and those in older cohorts.

With Mid-Semester break Gatherings, Bake Sales, UNOHS Merchandise, Guest Speakers and End of Year Ball scheduled in our calendar, there are many events that keeps university life exciting. The bond between all UNOHS executives and members is quite apparent, many of which were born from joining UNOHS itself, so this really inspired the first-year students to join UNOHS and express their interest in becoming part of the committee.