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The Adelaide University Dental Students' Society (AUDSS)

Established in 1919, The Adelaide University Dental Students' Society (AUDSS) is a student-run organisation that represents the interests of Dental and Oral Health students from the University of Adelaide. For over a century, the AUDSS has provided support to students on and off campus, whilst building relationships with community and industry. The AUDSS strives to provide ethos and a sense of belonging for students; hosting a range of events throughout the year that range from academic & professional development, to volunteering, to social outings. 

We are fortunate to be involved with the Adelaide Dental School, SA Dental Service, Australian Dental Association (South Australian Branch), Australian Dental Students Association and the Adelaide University Rural Health Alliance, all of whom help us with our successes.



  • End of PCPC Party: end of patient centred comprehensive care (PCPC) for BDS3-5

  • Fresher's BBQ: annual BBQ to meet the old and new students in BDS and BOH

  • Traffic Light Party 

  • 1st and 2nd Pub Crawl

  • Dent Camp

  • Dent Ball 

  • Vino Ventures: intersociety event at the vineyards

  • AUDSS Picnic: picnic, games and pizza

  • Sleep Out: annual event where students sleep outside during winter to raise money for the Community Outreach Dental clinic which provides dental care to homeless individuals in Adelaide 

  • Trivia for Timor: Trivia night and silent auction to raise money for a dental clinic in Timor established by local dentists 

  • Buddy System 

    • introduced in 2013 with the aim of assisting first year students transitioning into university life and to help interstate and international students acclimate to life in Adelaide 



The AUDSS Academic and Professional Development Program (AAPDP) consists of a series of lectures and workshops held throughout the year, with speakers of the dental profession from a range of specialties, including both within Adelaide university and external speakers. Since 2010, this program provides students of all year levels the opportunity to supplement the undergraduate curriculum and broaden their exposure to particular topics of interest. It also allows for students to meet with local professionals and gain some insight into dentistry beyond their years at dental school whilst taking part in extracurricular self-directed learning.

Group and individual learning (or GILs) is a program run by the AUDSS that aims to foster an environment where students can learn from other peers and professionals within the field. On a regular basis, senior students present theory workshops of particularly challenging topics to each year level in a manner that is both engaging and interactive. In addition, the clinical aspect is built upon in practical workshops, held where relevant learning will be catered to each year group for BDS and BOH students.



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