Griffith University

Griffith University is located in the beautiful sunshine state of Queensland. The School of Dentistry is situated at the Griffith Health Centre of the Gold Coast campus, offering degrees in Dentistry, Dental hygiene, and Dental Technology and Prosthetics. Griffith University continues to innovate and provide great and affordable patient care, in our state-of-the-art facilities.


Our student-run organization GUDSA (Griffith University Dental Students' Association), represents all students in the School of Dentistry by providing a large variety of events throughout the academic year, including but not limited to academic events to supplement dental knowledge, sporting events that get students active, social events to build friendships, and sponsorship events to build community with the industry. 


Our goals for this year: 

  • Elevate the GUDSA experience through higher quality delivery of all events, merchandise and initiatives

  • Foster a healthy GUDSA team through internal team building and well-being activities 

  • Improve our member engagement with specific emphasis on greater inclusion of our Dental Hygiene and Dental technology/prosthetics cohorts 

  • Improved community engagement through partnerships with more local sponsors and dental outreach programs 



  • Social: Icebreaker, dent camp, scrub crawl, ball, UQDSA X GUDSA Mixers

  • Academic: LA workshops, Guest lectures, Oral surgery workshops, First year tutorials 

  • Community: Board Games Night, Paint & Picnic, Crafts Night 

  • Sport: UQDSA x GUDSA Beach Day, Top Golf Night, Ice Skating night


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Tiktok: @gudsa_

Linkedin: Griffith University Dental Students' Association